Wednesday, December 28, 2011

For crying out loud - It's good for us.


OhMY! I miss my blogger so much. This entry I want to share with all you about crying. Crying is normal for us human being. Sometimes man are difficult to cry. I don't know,  maybe they are strong enough to face the world full of challenge but I do not believe if they make a statement. 'We're men and we never cry' You are liar!. Everyone has a feeling; Happy, sadness and frustration. Crying is something that all people of all  ages and cultures do.  You're not normal if you never cry. 

Crying is often the result of feelings of sadness and frustration, but after crying many people experience a feeling of release and catharsisHumans are the only species that shed tears emotionally. FYI, many people including the psychologist have always believed that crying is good for us. When we're crying normally people around us try to persuade us. Friends, If your friend are crying please let she/he crying out loud if  she/he  share their problems listen to them. In other case, people are crying because they cannot make a decision. You as a friend must help them to make a good decision. 

Like me i'm confused between friends or responsibility. First I got a message from my friend and she told that we will hang out with others at mall tomorrow. Second I got a message too from my leader and he told that we have a meeting tomorrow. Which one I need to choose? I ask my friends but he didn't give  the answer. I was sad in addition he was annoying. I ask the other guy and he told me responsibility is more important. Yes! he was right. RESPONSIBILITY is more important but friends too. Without my friends my life was lonely. I LOVE YoU my friends.

Lastly, aku tak suka orang yang reply text pendek2 tapi aku hntr bukan maen pnjg lg. *

The wrong person always come at the right time but right person always come at the wrong time. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

1 December 2011


Kalau semalam 30 November 2011 hari ni mesti 1 December 2011 kan? teehhee.. hari bahagia untuk aku la kot. Tapi Bahagia kah? haha. Hari ni aku dah berusia 16 TAHUN .. Tapi cara aku celebrate tuh lain sikit la. Kalau last year orang lain yang call tepat pukul 12.00. Tapi tahun ni orang lain. It's ok lah. Bukan itu yang jadi masalah. Bagi aku hari ni tak ada masalah apa-apa pun. 

Biasalah next year dah SPM candidates so masing-masing busy dengan tuition dan sebagainya. It's okay. Tapi tadi duduk rumang sorang2 dan terbuka la folder pictures yang lalu. Seriously, aku nak kembali kepada saat tuh. 
Saat bersama sayang-sayang semua .

Hang out, makan2, sembang2 dan gossip2. Ikut la mana tempatnya. Asalkan dapat jer bersama mereka yang comey comey, cute cute semua. Seriously rindu giler. Padahal dekat tusyen jumpa je. 

Jalan-jalan, snap pictures. :'( 

 Ambik gambar sendiri, gambar lompat. 

Bersama sayang-sayang semua. Naik motor Ecah 'PEB ****'

Sayang-sayang semua..  I LOVE YOU ALL . walaupun hari ni tak dapat jumpa

Kalau lah masa ni boleh diputar semula. Nak sangat kembali tapi malangnya itu hanya momento bersama dia orang semua. Next year, kelas semua lain-lain kalau ada pon sorang dua jer sekelas. Dari form 1 sampai la form 4 kita org tak pernah berpisah. Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan. :'(