Monday, May 31, 2010


This year I will sit on an important examinatin, PMR. It make me become crazy as the time become more close from day to a day. I'm so worried if I cannot do my best in PMR and I'm sure I will dissapoint my family hope. I'm the youngest in my family and both of my sister get the best position in her carier. I must follow their footsteps and I must get success in my life. I must bear in mind that "Knowledge in the key to success" without knowledge we're nothing, so I always told my self that we studied not for just for the exam but to get more knowledge.

May be some of my visitors does not agree with my opinion, perhaps some you thought that money is everything. Remember money is root for all evils. Money will kill yourself and you will drunk with money untul your dying day. But I did not said that money is nothing...What I try to say is, money doesn't important but without money we're nothing. Nowadays, people dreming to have a plenty of money, to have a big house with expensive furniture and branded clothes but it just to show off and it does not important thing in our life.

For me, I don't want a lot of money, i just want to be useful human, brilliant girl and success woman one day. I want to make my family happy and praised with my achinement because I want to pay their love and their sacrifiece for the sake of me.

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